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Sunday, November 14, 2010

StorY throUgh LenSes...

oH one of my favorite hobby is taking pictures..ingat lagi mase form 4, 5 n 6. aku adalah antara org yg slalu bawak camera g skolah amik2 pic member2. dulu rajin giler siap label2 kan date n place pic2 tu sume d ambik so nnt aku x luper when n where the event in that pic been taken...ngeee~~~rajin telebey kan ^_^ but it was satisfyingly when ever i see back all those picture...

since that i really have interest in the area of taking picture. even though my skill in photography is nil, zero n Nada, but who cares i love taking picture man... maybe one day i will take a photography classes. just to get knowledge, it is not like i'm changing my career path or anything hehehe~~~..oh talking about taking picture, after comeback from Metro Fine Art Gallery for Jaja Yusof exhibition. We went to Bangsar, at first nak ke 'Pipit Wonderful Market' at Central Market tapi dah lewat petang so decided to go to Bangsar.

My bad coz i ingat pasar malam bangsar ari sabtu tp actually ari ahad...niat suci hati nie nak bli fresh scallop n nak panggang that scallop. Cis terbantut jek niat aku..(nie gara2 tgk khuntoria makan seafood ari tu...jelesssss) so dah terlanjur kat bangsar n there is no pasar malam. So we went to BSC, n when we reached there, ada la plak photography exhibition by professional Malaysia Photographer Jeffry Lim.

We take time to browsing in the exhibition n write some encouraging words in his guest book. i also snap some picture from the exhibition so u guys can also see his piece of art. for me, 'picture is a window to a thousand interpretation'. i'm really amaze by his work, some of the picture really carry a good message together with it... ^_^

I'm so freaking happy to be able to see all this good representation of other people feeling in there art work. it amaze me because i don't have such talent but to see other people being bless with such flair n gladly to share it with other it just make me feel good about it...okiess..daaa~~~xoxo

A great photograph is a full expression of what one feels about what is being photographed in the deepest sense, and is, thereby, a true expression of what one feels about life in its entirety. ~Ansel Adams

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