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Sunday, November 14, 2010

JaJa YuSof si WaniTa KuceN~~~

Oh today i went to see an art exhibition, actually i got to know about this exhibition through newspaper that i coincidently bought last 2 day. What caught my eyes about the exhibition is because the painting is about CAT...i repeat 'CAT'... because of that i'm so anticipated to go n see all of these pieces of art. The artist is Jaja Yusof (she is the daughter of the famous painter Yusof Gajah), this is her first solo exhibition called 'Meowland'... how cool is the name right ^_^

When we arrived there, we saw a baby pram in the gallery n 1 couple holding a baby. The gallery owner later on introduce us to the couple who happen to be jaja yusof herself wif her husband n her 5 month baby suci. She is so humble n keep on entertain us especially when we ask her about her painting. We had a decent conversation with her as well. Lets enjoy looking at some of her painting that i managed to snap from my phone (man i need real camera like A.S.A.P).

This is called 'Chilling 2010'

This one sorry i forgot to look for its name @_@

This called 'Meowland Park'

This one is called 'CATROPICANA'
Oh this is actually my MOST FAVORITE out of her painting...SERIOUSLY I LOVE THIS TO DEATH... because when i look at this it give me a 'HOMEY' feeling. it reminds me of my babies 'chokobie' n 'debab', n how they make my house a home...(soo mushy..i know ^_*) i did asked what this painting means to her. she said this is one of her earliest cat painting n she is still searching for her identity at that time...this painting cost around RM1800. Hope one day i can own this...seriously somebody please give this as my b'day present ngeee~~~~

Oh this is the artist herself Jaja Yusof.

oh just when u thought that i would go back empty handed, think again hehehe...out of these 16 cats faces...4 are mine hehehe... already paid my deposit. so after the exhibition i will pay the rest of the money n claim my paintings. can u guess which is mine...weee~~~~ i will show it when i get them hehe~~~okies daaa~~~xoxo...


tIm said...

lemme guess..the one with white cat which may represent debab and the black cat which represent chekobe.btol ke?lagi 2 orange cat with yellow background and last one would be blue cat with peachy background.kalau btol dapat prezzie ke?hahahahha..tapi i tanak kucing2 kat luar umah u tu :p

HimAwaRi said...

hahahha...cume ada 2 jek jwbn yg btl... tu la i nk bli yg puteh tu tp dh ada org leh bli waaa~~~sedey jek so dpt bli yg itam tu jek...huuuu~~~ u nak prezzie ker??? nnt i bt kan cokelat ciscake ekk???? hahaha...migrain ko ct hehhe.. ^_^

keen said...

ok..these drawings is SUPER DUPER CUTE...mind share the price ;)

keen said...

ok, this is SUPER DUPER CUTE..mind share the price with us ;)

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