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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

a song for MAMA~~~~

There is a moment when suddenly i would miss my late mommy so dearly... especially when people around me talking about their mommy. eventhough i miss her so much i rarely talk about this to anybody, i rather just keep it to myself n find any moment when i'm alone and cry out loud cos i miss her so badly. it really break my heart when others talk about how their mom would do this and that for them when they go back to their home town, cooking they fave meal and bla bla bla~~~~~ but that is life. sometimes i keep on reminding myself that things would never be the same again without her around, but life must go on. life doesn't stop even when our dearest leave us. we need to collect all the pieces and move on. even things will never be the same but remember there are people who still need us in their life that don't want us to be sad and keep on pray for us to be happy.

Dear Mom,

i miss u soooo badly sometime, i wish things would go back and be the same when u are around. i feel so sad and mad about what happened to our family after u gone. but don't worry about me, i become more independent and stronger to face what ahead of me now. life treats me with kindness. i try my best to treats life with kindness as well. but once in a while i do stumble and fall but i try my best to rise again, so i shall be fine. mom, in fine day we shall meet again. till that day, i shall miss u all the way~~~~~~~

ur lil angel

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