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Saturday, November 6, 2010

PasTa ZaNmai~~~FusiOn fooD any1..

oh yesterday after breakfst invitation..i have another lunch date with friend.. so me, cik ctot n cik nabilah went to plaza damas to have a lunch there with our lunch date partner...hehhe cam suspen jek ngeee~~~then we decided to have lunch at Pasta Zanmai..this place offer a fusion food..oh if u don't know 'fusion food' mean food with international influences (a style of cooking that uses ingredients and techniques from around the world, especially one that combines Eastern n Western influences.)

in pasta Zanmai the food is a mix of Japanese n Italianese. u can have pasta with miso soup n vis versa...u can have pizza with oriental topping an so on..cool ya. the taste i might say very good, n the price is quite affordable as well.

we order cream pasta with clam, cream pasta with chicken, spicy pasta with clam n chicken teriyaki rice set. 3 set of miso soup consist 2 clams n 1 yasai soup. waaa~~~makan2 sambil borak2 catch up things (mind u bukan bergossip yek ngeee~~~) wat a nice lunch date..should do it again next time.

last but not least tingal ler pic pinggan n kulit clam nie je ha..ngee~~~ pasta zanmai nie bnyk branch so guys don't hesitate to go there n try the food, it is really nice yea..so daaa..xoxo

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