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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Yosh...Let START ALL OVER agaiN~~~~

After 2 month of SILENT...Lets start all over again, in this 2 month there are so many things happened. Tomorrow i'm going to start again my DIET program. i know the word 'START' shouldn't come in the picture cos eating healthy is not something that you can just START-STOP-START-STOP mode~~~ gosh for all this 8 month i was freaking GUILTY... ITs time to take control of things and start ALL OVER AGAIN... Last year i did lost a '12 freaking kg' but i think i pilled back some in this huge soon-become-sexy body ahakssss ^_* this past week i look back and visit again all the blog that i use to go to gain knowledge about healthy eating habit and exercise routine... there is 1 girl that i really ADMIRE, she is a blogger and i diligently always go and read her blog. She is 1 HELL of a strong minded lady, she is very dedicated to lost weight and she did manage shed HUGE number of kilos and manage to maintain it. Einaz if you read this, i really admire your dedication ( i don't know if u read this or not hehehe ^_^)

This time around i really want to watch out what i eat. planning to prepare a meal to work if possible everyday so i won't eat CRAP at work. prepare all the snacking as well for the evening. Currently i'm reading 'The lazy girl's guide to losing weight and getting fit' by A.J Rochester, a very good book to read because it provide the reader with knowledge of nutritious eating habits. For exercise routine i already have all the collection of Jillian Micheal DVD (thanks to Einaz) and my fave Body Jam and Body Combat DVD. My skipping rope, yoga mat, my 1 lbs and 5 lbs dumbbells and not forgetting my abs king pro (the abs machine).

The motivation to do this actually for my babies kitty debab and chokobie. Promise them mommy going to be healthy so mommy can take care of them for the rest of their life (waaaa~~~suddenly feel SAD~~~huuuu). Another motivation to do this is actually is ermmmm because of ~~~~~~ 'Leadho Yang' my eyes panda and abang 'hujan' hahhaha (waaaaa~~~~i'm crazy over them~~nuff said) yosh i will update gradually about this eating right program. i'm so here we gooooooooooooooooooooooo~~~~~~

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