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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Ya ALLAH~~~ Hanya pada-MU

Sesungguhnya aku sgt terkesan dengan sepanduk yg d bawa oleh pokcik kat atas nie....kalo baca gan emosi blh nangis tau~~~~ since we know what happen to our dear Muslim brothers n sisters there, lets do our part by pray to ALLAH that soon all of this will end. And for those in Malaysia you can also donate some amount of money to Palestinian people through this account below :------>

And please take 5 minutes silent to recite this doa..sesungguhnya doa itu senjata org Muslim~~


"You don't have to be a Muslim to care and aware about the plights of the Palestinians
You Just need to be a Human"

cr: all pics are from google n fb.

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