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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Baking MOJO pls Comeback!!!

Chocolate cheese cake ala Nigella (serius resepi die sodap gile babas hehehe)

Oreo Cheese cake (chill bukan bake)

 Tiramisu a.k.a Tirapalsu (cos tak guna mascapone cheese tp cream cheese jek)

Vanilla Muffins yum yum yum~~

Vanilla Cupcakes yg caca marba~~

Once a upon a time, there is a girl who loves to bake like crazy until suddenly she become so damn malas n stop baking all this delicious yummy things. Well aku ler budak yg dah jd pemalas tu huahuahua~~~ so in order to get my baking mojo back tomorrow i'm going to a baking class hehehe...baking class besok is all about cheesecake...ala bayar rm50 jek orait la tu... so besok we are going to bake 3 types of cheese cakes as listed below...actually aku dh bese dh bake cheesecake tp nothing wrong to polish back my skills ^_^ u know my ultimate dream kn actually to open a bakery hehehe~~  

So tomorrow i'll update about the baking class hokay~~~ tak sabar nak mengilap balik my rusty baking skills... okies daaaa~~~xoxo

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