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Monday, May 11, 2015

Ladies Lunch Date & a Family Affairs

At least like once a month I should find time to go out and have a lunch or dinner session with moi bff si ctot lah. Dulu kami 1 faculty so it's easier for us to eventually stumble upon each other in the main office or during meeting but then we both went for separate department so sangat lah jarang dapat jumpe dia kat opis sometimes. So last couple of weeks we set up a lunch date and decided to KLCC cos later we are going to go have a high tea at Great Eastern Mall for pakcik (ctot's abah) punya birthday. Dah sampai KLCC mane lagi lah, kami pi lunch kat Ben's. Lama dah tak makan kat situ.
For me now plain water is all the way~~~ Hidup plain water!!!!!! hahaha


I've always being in love with pasta, tapi since dah start Atkins~~~Sorry Mr. Pasta we need to break off for a while sobs sobs sobs.... At first the steak was on my mind (oh the steak in Ben's is one of best steak in town I tell ya so go and give it a try) but later I changed my mind and ordered a chargrilled chicken breast stuffed with cream cheese, mascapone and dried tomato  and ctot order creamy mushroom pasta (sedap bak hang cos aku cukai sikit lah). Makan2,gossip2 alah beselah when girls hang out kan. This girl I'm telling you, been listening to all my crap and nonsense since forever!!! hahahaha...thank you babe, love you long time xoxo...

I heart this dish a million times, sedap giler...even though I'm not a big fan of chicken breast but this one made me lick the plate~~~ hahahaha
We didn't stay long kat KLCC cos kena rush balik keramat tuk siap2 pi high tea plak katanye. I've been knowing ctot and her family since we were doing our degree way back in 2003. She was my bestie during uni and is still my bestie in the office. I always have a thought that I must have done something good in my life so Allah awarded me with such goodfriend  and I'm forever thankful for it. The one who always listen to all my grandma stories, my never ending family saga, the not-so first love but got me going crazy hahaha, all the tears and happiness (very der melancholic sangat ni). Her parents, siblings and relatives are such darling to me, always invited me to any of their family gathering and kenduri, all the makan2 session or holiday. Pendek kata, I am always the penyibuk one who tag along with the fam bam. Di mana ada siti di situ ada rose hahahha.... To those who know me pretty well, they eventually will know how hura hara is my family is, so I always envy people who has a strong support system from their family and you know you have a place to turn to when things just didn't work out for you. People like that, you don't know how lucky you are!!!! nanti2 kita sambung citer soppy2 ni ekk.


So from keramat dah sangat ler dekat dengan Great Eastern kan. The high tea or actually dah jadi macam early dinner plak sebenarnya took place at Alexis. All ctot punya siblings ada to celebrate their father's birthday. While everyone was busy munching the food me, ctot and nabilah sneak out pi SR beli kek. When we asked the waiter there to bring out the cake at the end of the meal, they said that any outside cake they will charge rm80 additional just for serving, exception if your ordered in-house cake depa lah...very der easy moneyyyyy~~~ 

Since actually aku just had my lunch yang quite heavy tu kan so I just ordered a simple dish jek. Ctot ordered a steak and the black pepper sauce that came with it was superb, very peppery I tell ya. We all abis makan sume around 7pm then headed back to keramat and sambung lepaking until malam. After that baru balik rumah lah cos besok keroje kan. Okies tu jek cerita hujung minggu with the bff and duk menempel gan family orang lain hahahha... Oh talking about that, remember post merempan aku aritu bout marriage tu, part of the reason dolo2 I really want to get married is because if I have a family of my own I will make sure that my kids won't experience all the shit that I've gone through. I will never have a second chance of having a proper family, but I can give it to my kids. When you gone through something bad you just don't want others to experience the same thing that you gone through. But then come to think of it, men nowadays are screwed up and so as kids nowadays are even more screwed up. Then lets just have cats, the most brutal kind of act that they can do is leaving scar in some part of your body that eventually will fade away rather that people they will leave scar not 1 but multiple scars in your heart in they are forever there!!!! Okies tu jek nak citer~~~~daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.....xoxo

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