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Friday, May 8, 2015

Conference, Family Day dan Team Building katanya~~~

Last week was hell for me.. super duper busy with the conference since I was one of the committee member. You know lah arranging event especially involved layan kerenah orang ramai and what not was a very tedious work. Since the conference was held by my Department and took place at the work so keroje nya extra banyak compare if buat dekat hotel. Last year conference for ReCIT 2014, I was also involved as a committee and also presenter but tak seteruk ini kot penatnya. If dekat hotel just bawak badan jek kot but at your own place every little thing needs to be arranged by our self. To cut thing short, alhamdulilah all went well despite couple of hiccups here and there. Bila abis conference ingat boleh rehat ker???? Keep on dreaming lah~~~ I was also appointed as a committee for our department family day that took place 3 days after we wrapped up our conference. Mesti korang cakap eh pompuan ni sume committee dia ada!!! Apa takde orang lain kat tempat keroje dia nie??? A ah memang takde sumenya aku!! aku!! dan aku hahahaha....

gadis2 (gadis nya aku sorang jek, yg 3 lagi tu tak berapa nak gadis dah sume dh berlaki hahahah) yang heboh sebagai ajk pendaftaran for seminar Ulama melayu serantau 2015

In that 3 days we the committee were like working our arses up to make sure everything ready for that event. Oh I was also the MC for that family dinner night....hahahha told cha aku lagi kan!!! That family tu combine with the department team building too. So it startted from last friday to sunday. 1 day of family day and 2 days of team building. We (me & ct lah who else) make our move to Melaka on that friday morning cos takut jem kan. That goggle maps bawak both of us ntah kemana2 jek, ikut jalan dalam what not to avoid the jam katanya. Alhamdulilah around 12 something we managed to arrive. We took nap for couple of minutes than bersiap2 for the dinner. 

MC yang kunun2 macam nak nerbes tapi tak lah nerbes sangat, aku hentam keromon jek huahuahua.....

sape lagi partner-in-crime aku ler ct chanter...si ctot lain department so jarang dapat lepak sesame kat opis

Curlast tak kami makan sampai licin...diet2 pun mencekik kena sampai licin..actually husband si aishah tu makan semeja gan kami so bukan kami jek lah yang melantak sampai licin lagu nie...

Habis dah first day so second day we proceed with team building, personally I'm not that type of person who enjoy attending this kind of activity. But I did surprising myself with how I participate myself full heartily with all the module hahahha... I'm not that kinda person who can easily mingle with others, I always have my observation period. All and all I enjoyed myself pretty much with the team building programme. So malam tu we went for dinner again, so kak Rohaini our committee member yang arrange that dinner. So kami pi pekena ikan bakar dekat Muara sungai Duyung katanya.. the dinner was nice and after that the anak2 dara n mak dara pegi bandaraya melaka berhoyeh2.

Habis dah~~~~yeaaaaaa Alhamdulilah. yang duk menyengih baju maroon tu lah boss aku. Dr hairol namanye pengarah department kami nie lah..

The third day, that last day on sunday we finished up the module for team building. Around 12 noon we packed our stuffs and went lunch then we said goodbye lah. Nasib baik balik tu tak tak jam, such as smooth sailing kat highway. Alhamdulilah habis dah minggu yang buat aku tak tentu arah macam lipas kudung.... So back to the office and this week baru boleh buat kerja2 yang tertangguh... yeahhh tu je nak citer... Okies daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~~xoxo   

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