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Monday, February 4, 2013

When THE Time Comesssss~~

To whom it may concern, when the time comes (ALLAH knows when!!!)....

Kata kak Riana~~ Bingung Mencari Lelaki?? 
Hidup ini memang sukar untuk ditafsirkan. Pernah tak merasa sepi ditengah keramaian?? Belongs to nobody, dan tersudut terperuk dan tak dapat merubah perasaan tersebut....

Being ordinary is OK... we don't need any wings or else to make us feel special. Coz we are special in our ordinariness... just act the way you are, feel the way you are..... jadi jangan pernah putus asa!!!

Kata Aku~~Memang Bingung 
With this kind of profession l must say that percentage to meet a creature called MAN is totally slim!!!! Most guys I've met was either taken or GOD please forbid me to fall for them...

I'm plain Jane n nothing is extra ordinary bout me...but that is not a license for me to sapu all  guys that come across my path (mcm predator la plak)...in my plain jane-ness I've still got standard to jaga hokay!!! :P apa2 pun Allah works in a mysterious way..I've FAITH in that...

Quote :


I never thought I'd fall for you as hard as I didYou got me thinkin' 'bout our life, our house and kids, yeah
Every mornin' I look at you and smile'Cause boy, you came around and you knocked me downKnocked me down
Sometimes love comes around and it knocks you downJust get back up when it knocks you down, knocks you down

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