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Monday, February 11, 2013

SePetang di Italy~~~~~ :p

*Ini adalah entry peram...TQ ^_^ Oh takde maknye nye Italy2 bagai tapi Italiannies resto sajorkkkk hokayy!!!!

Once a while g jenjalan n have a lady to lady talk is sooooooo NICE... nie la yg kami buat, well sape lg aku gan ctot ler.. partner in crime aku tu ler..I might not have a large circle of friends but i sure keep that small circle friends of mine tight..

My beselah kalo nk berladies talknye kena lah cari tempat yg super cosy mosy skit..later we decided to stick around kat Italiannies cos tetibe teringat kn their focaccia n Tuscon bread yg super crispy on the outside yet soft to the core tu... ambiance kat empire gallery nie is much more cosy n spacious tau kalo compare yg kat Curve yg leh buat pitam tu...I prefer here TQ  

Oh that bread tu you must dip it into the olive oil and balsamic vinegar.. weird combo but I'm telling you, u'll ask for a second helping hokayyy. Well all the things in the world work best went u less expected it kan~~ this is one of the reason that keep me coming to this place actually..

THis is ctot n mine gak la our all time fave...tgk bnd alah nie ingt insiden hampir pitam d italiannies gara2 stuffed portobello nie tau hehhee... Name bnd alah nie stuffed mushroom, they stuffed it with Italian chicken sausage, spinach, fresh herbs and 3 Italians cheese..then makan ler gan cream sause yg superb tu..muahahaha sgt puas ati..rege die tuk saiz regular mcm kt atas nie just rm24.90   

This is ctot nye main course seafood cioppino Rm42.90...pasta die we swapped with spaghetti cos they used linguine.. rich with yummylious big, fat n juicy clams, mussels and  shrimps..actually for this specific dish they add a splash of white wine (according to the menu) but at Empire Gallery branch that waitress said that they didn't add any alcohol to they menu... 

This is my main dish, Italiannies Strip Steak Rm52.90. Sirloin steak served with Italian herb rice n veggie, the dipping sauce adalah oreganato butter and portabelini sauce...tp kan this is too greasy for my liking, steak kat Ben's lg mmg menawan hati..this is just so-so lah... this would be the last time la den order hehehe... pasnie l'm stick to pasta sajorkkk!!!!

Nie la my lesbo partner bff hehehe... I'm always looking forward to spend time talking with her.. she is one of the person i think that i can talk about almost anything... Honey u may have all the friends in the world but if u don't have 1 bestie that u can pour ur heart out.. screw that friends n the world!!!! oh topik perbualan adalah P n C hokayy~~~ daaaa...xoxo 


Encik Ayie Yang Garang said...

tak ajakkkkkkk punnnnn!!

TimShafiee said...

kan aku da ckp empire gallery tu besttt..hehehe..

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