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Sunday, February 10, 2013


you think i'd leave your side baby 
you know me better than that 
you think i'd leave you down when you're down on your knees 
i wouldn't do that 
i'll tell you you're right when you want 
and if only you could see into me 

oh when you're cold 
i'll be there 
hold you tight to me 

and if you want to cry 
i am here to dry your eyes 
and in no time 
you'll be fine 

This song is my all time fave from sade... I always wanna cry with emotion when listen to this... It's glad if u can find someone that gonna stick witchu no matter what (gosh I miss my arwah mak)... I might have a list of sad songs that can last my tears up for the whole year but nothing can beat this one.. but the truth is nobody is truly gonna stand by ur side cos even your shadow disappear when the darkness approach... I give up on human race long time ago... just long time ago... 

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