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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Run Forest Run~~ Run To BuBBa Gump ShriMp ^_^

Last saturday, i went and hang out with freind of mine yg mmg lame la sesgt tak jumpe..so bcos of that we need to find places yang mmg ktorg bleh lepak lelama tuk borak2 gn hebatnye~~ at first cik ctot ajak g chili's but since aku br jek g sane last month last2 we change it Bubba Gump Shimp...actually dr dulu nak makan kat sini but asyik2 postponed jek..

The waiter n waitress are super friendly ^_^ they explained to us on how to ordered since this is our first time..ok like the signboard..if you want to think about what to order u might want to put the signboard to 'run forest run'..and if ready to order u might want to flip the sigh to the red one, where it read 'stop forest stop'~~ :)

We started our order with beverages, oh i ordered 'lotsa lava' a combination of strawberry, coconut drink and yogurt..oh my word, it was sooooooo yummy sodap gilos... same like what cik ctot has ordered...berry sumthing can't remember the name tp pun serius sodap :)

The this is Shrimp Scampi...really nice n refreshing n not to heavy because u can taste the tangy lemon juice in it...the fettuccine pasta n the shrimp really well blend together~~

THis is Barbacue Chicken served with fries and coleslaw n corn in cop...

This is the favorite RUn across the American Sampler...very2 nice , it consists of Bubba's Far Out Dip & Chips, Chilly Shrimps, Spicy Chicken Strips, Hush Pups and Mama's Blue Fried Shrimp~~~ kena cuba sendri baru tau..tp serius dipping die mmg sodap giles~~ ^_^

All these food tasted even better with these people~~~ people that we called
F-R-I-E-N-D-S ^_^

This is the interior design of that place, very cosy and a nice place to chit chatting ^_^

Overall the food is nice but portion n price wise I think chili's is better..but i will surely come again for other food yea ^_^ daaa xoxo~~

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