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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Pet ProJect MalaYsia 2012 ~~ ^_^

Last 2 weeks, Scratch a.k.a open a booth at The Pet Project Malaysia 2012, this is actually a dance event to kutip dana for animal group a.k.a NGO so that day banyak la other NGO lain yg terlibat beside us such as, HOPE, MDDB, KKM, MyAnimalCare etc... It was soooo much fun, most all the the Scratch-ers turun that day~~ ^_^

That day we sold many items to rise our medical fund...such as key chains, cat's collar, tissues, small neck pillows, car stickers and many other things...oh not forgetting our limited edition t-shirt...that is a hot stuff.. :)

On that day we also bring 5 cats to be put for adoption and Alhamdulilah 2 of them managed being adopt...

This is a group picture..love this pic tp tak lengkap ada yg takde nie..look at all the happy faces tu..sggt excited ^_^

Time nie kena interview gan reporter from Malaysiasaya, masing2 muka cemas hehehe~~

Some of the picture of the events, yang atas nie booth MBBD and Kelab Kucing Malaysia (KKM)...

Van kat belakang tu yg memberi extra boost tuk buat keje ari ni hehehe..freeeeeeeeeeeeee MILO yeaaaa~~~, si Diyana siap mintak resepi buat milo sedap lagi..amik ko ngeeee :P

Nie pose Sri gan Cah bersama award konterversi....eleh actually takde makne kontervesi...propa jek sesetengah org tu...tp suka giles pose nie hehe~~ :P so kesimpulan it is a very fun n happy event..dpt make new friend and exprience new thing~~so happy ^_^ daaaa x0x0~~

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