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Friday, January 20, 2012

NiCe FooD, Nice Place, NiCe Laugh wit THE Right PeopLe~~ ^_^

This is lunching session is the highlight of last week, starting with chit chatting wit ina mlm nye...trus buat lunch date with her.. me and ctot rushing giler ke Equatorial Hotel Bangi cos si Ina nya dah menunggu kat situ... baru jumpa jek dh gamat dah..seb baik pilih tempat yg mmg org tak ramai.. ^_^

We talk n talk n talk n talk....serius lama giler tak jumpe Ina and borak like mad, we talk about our life, all the ups and down, a really2 nice talk... sampai order air bergelas2~~

The food there are also superb, me ordered seafood pasta, Ina ordered Cordonbleu chicken, ctot ordered pasta apa ntah... this what i called Nice Food, Nice laugh, Nice place with the RIGHT PEOPLE ^_^

Last but not least actually that day Ina ada set kn appointment for us with Khalid Salleh, who is Khalid Salleh? Really imposible if u r Malaysian but tak kenal siapa die nie... a very famous org seni kat Malaysia nie, very well-known for movie like Azizah the Legend and Jogho. Currently he just wrote his latest book called 'Melayu Hilang Di Dunia'... we also got an autograph for his book as well... ^_^ Overall that day is a very pleasant day, at least for me... so daaa xoxo ^_^

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