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Monday, January 16, 2012

Chat Wit Me~~~ ^_^

Come and chat together while resting our feet after browsing around window shopping ^_^ Well gals do it all the time.. n we L-O-V-E it~~~

This shop is a new beverage food chain, i think baru la kot cos never see it before~~ after penat jalan2 me n my gal mmg nak carik tempat tuk duduk n borak...mind u borak2 not gossiping ^_* jom let me show how u can order a drink here..

This the order place, u need to beratur la obviously...very similar to starbuck la u beratur one side..than go one side to take ur beverages...if u don't knoe what to order never mind just go infront n nnt just tunjuk jek what u wanna.. my choice of cos la bubble tea...since i'm a bubble tea maniac...giler pearls ^_^

So nie la tmpt tggu ur drink, kat resit u nnt will have number..so kat kaunter nie ada board for no. so if ur no. popped up just go n redeem it.. easy peasy yea.. very systematic~~

THis is what i order hazelnut milk tea with pearls~~ very nice tp tak se'strong the one that i used to drink at Eachacup...that one really strong n i like it~~~ so with a cup of bubble tea, me n my gals start talking about what happened to each of us lately...a very nice evening, chit chatting like nobody bisness ^_^ should do it more often though~~daaa xoxo ~~~

1 comment:

TimShafiee said...

woii..ape semua mknan ni?cisss..mentanh2 la i takdeeee

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