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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

oYSTer KinG~~ Sedap Kah???

Anybody loves oyster??? aku nie nak kata suka sgt tu tak ler, tp suka gak la :) Oyster King nie actually a small franchise food chain ala2 mcm Taiwanese crispy Ciken yg aku suke makan tu.. food menu dieorg mostly ada oyster la...i went there last month to check out the food...of course with cik ctot lah, since die nie oyster maniac...

This is the food that we ordered, the first one here is fried oyster..really nice rasa die cam kueh tiaw sbnrnye just beza die letak oyster la kan...not too oily just nice jek ^_^

The second this is lala soup, the soup is actually a chicken broth...with shredded chicken, lala and glass noddles... the soup is very refreshing and isi bahan2 die mmg banyak.. :)

the last one is steam oyster with garlic....yg nie serius sedap..garlic die mmg give the taste and aroma to the dish..and they sprinkle a dash of paprika at end to give some spicy taste to it...this is definitely going to be ordered again if we come there, so if you love oyster jangan ler luper g sini.. for the price i think these dishes is worth it..tak la mahal sgt..so xoxo daaaa~~~~ ^_^

1 comment:

TimShafiee said...

makan jekkk..tak aciiii..menciiiiiiiii

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