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Thursday, September 30, 2010

aS wHeN we ThouGht....???

There is a time when sometimes when we thought we can't go on with our life when something bad or unpredictable happen to us... especially when we lost something or someone that so precious and dearest to us. When that misfortune event happen our mind will totally be at a state of panic and shock, and our heart will be sad. As when we thought we can't go on to face life, as if things around you will stand still and grief along with you. As when you thought what am i going to do after this??? What is going to happen??? Is it going to be the same again??? Am i ready to start all over again??? Thousand and thousand of questions will pop out of your brain...

As when we thought that is the end of everything and your world will crumble together with the sadness. Suddenly you realize you still breathing, the world still keep turning around and you still need to live in it (as you will find it as the most painful part). As when we thought we are not strong enough to bare all the suffering and our heart bleeding inside. And suddenly you also realize nobody bother about it and they don't care, they have their own affair to deal with. They couldn't be bother with you.

Then you start to recruit you heart to be strong, train your brain to start thinking, start to be-friend again with your senses and having heart to heart talk with your soul. Then suddenly you will realize, things are not that bad. You can face this, life is all about losing and gaining something through out the journey. Every new beginning is some beginnings end. As when we thought we are not that strong try to look back at things that happened along the journey of our life. We might lose or gain something, we might say hello today and goodbye tomorrow to somebody, we might be sad and happy or we might be everything that life desire. But never underestimate your own power of surviving. So as when we thought....??? But at the end we will realize something. As The Almighty ALLAH said there is nothing happen that goes to waste. There is something behind everything.

*Note for myself, be strong because ALLAH knows the BEST for you.

(Oh the 2 picture above is being capture by me using my 3.2 megapixel phone only but after some enhancing of color and the not-so-professional technique of mine i think it looks nice ^_^ ngeeee~~~ look at the color of the sky and its refection in the sea water. This picture was taken at the beach in Labuan during sunset)

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