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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Plan perancangan idup ^_^

Last weekend i went to an induction program handle by my company. At first punya mmg menyumpah2 tak mau pegi sana. It is because i was super freakin busy that week especially with quizzes and so many other things. the venue was somewhere over hulu mane ntah... lets skip everything except the part on this 1 night that we had an activity more or less like a flash back and looked back what we had done and experienced through out out life until time of speaking that night. they gave us this piece of paper so we can jot down everything that we remember about our life, started from age 1 until now...mind u i'm about to turn 2? this year....(still young though ngeee...) gosh from that piece of paper i can see my journey in this world... it quite impress n shock n amaze n sad at the same... all this time so many things happened. all the happiness n sadness just start flashing in my mind... then i realize something, life is just toooooooo freakin short man~~~~ really-really short. feel like yesterday i experienced all that memories.

after that the instructor asked us to fill in the remaining empty space from our age now to the age of 70 years old and plan what we want to do with our life... gosh sangat la terasa ber'ambitious terlampau diri ini... tapi i can only manage to make a plan for myself until 10 years from now jek... more then that i terasa tak termampu (Ya ALLAH sesungguh nye ko maha mengetahui) coz walau hanya nak plan pun aku rase tak mampu...diri masih rasa sangsi with my own self nya capability... and 1 thing bila kite list down kan everything that we plan sume nye manis2 n baik belaka but i know when it come to reality it is NOT as SWEET n NICE as i plan it to be~~~~~ hurmmmm..... but insyallah i will try my best to make all that a reality..

UNTIL that moment i realize life is just a piece of PAPER in front of my eyes... and life is just tooooooo freakin short ^_^ ..... xoxo

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