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Monday, October 7, 2013


Big world
Says he wants to see the light for once,
Well maybe if you try

It's so sad
Babe don't look so sad
I've got it wrong today

And if she doesn't go your way
Look up to blue skies and say hey
It's ok it's ok

This song is always PERFECT  at times like this... bulan nie genap 9 tahun mak meninggal n I think I'm sooooo sensitive lately... but then babe don't look so sad, look up to blue skies and say hey... It's ok..it's ok 
Well keep on smiling girl, smiling is ur strongest suit...just keep smiling even when u r sad, u r soooo good at it n nobody will notice how miserable u feel inside actually... 

Well look up to blue skies and say hey...It's ok...it's ok...

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