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Monday, January 18, 2010

SweeTS fOr My SwEEt~~~~~

The truth is that life is DELICIOUS, horrible, CHARMING, frightful, SWEET, bitter, and that is everything.

For 2009, i developed this interest of 'baking'. being a self obsess of cheese i start baking a blue berry cheese tart , then it leads to simple cheesecake, then another chocolate cheesecake and another oreo cheesecake and then muffins and now cuppies.. ^_^

never thought that i would have talent in baking because i always thought cooking dishes and savory food is much more satisfying then baking (some people might disagree with that ^_* still remember when i was a kid age around 9 or 10 my mum keeps on insist or i like to say force me to learn how to cook. furthermore i have this very dictator sister (now we are like besties hehehe....) who often said to me , if i didn't help her cooking. i will get no food that day. hahaha...that really motivate me to help her cooking... you see our family is a very typical middle class family who my mother go out to work and i spend most of my time with my siblings. do our own cooking and be more independent . (too much reminiscing the past i guess)

so lets come to 2010, so this year i would like to bake a tiramisu... that thing actually is in my list to do in 2010..hahha might sound weird right???? soon after i manage to bake it i will put it the blog yea.. and 1 more things for me if my friends eat the sweets that i made for them i feel happy and satisfied ^_^

sweets for my sweet is the love i have for you,
sweets for my sweet is the love i love sharing with you,
sweets for my sweet is the love i love....

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