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Sunday, January 17, 2010

STartinG SomeTHing BEtter tHis yeAR...... ganBatei...

This would be the first entry for this year....1 of mY NEW year resolution is to write in this blogspot as frequent as possible. Looking back at 2009 so MANY things happened, just promise myself that i will try to
make things better FOR me n my babies kitty (chokobie n debab) this year...ganbatei...this year i already list out several things that i would like to accomplish... but i guess no need for me to publish it her but if i manage to fulfill it i will write it here....(more likely like a safe face act ^_^ ) hehhee....

this is my ever so lovely baby...chokobie baby...1 year and 4 month...he is soooo chubby (the
pic might deceive you because that is his slimming pose hahaha...) and the foods stealer in the house. As i'm writing this, this chubby baby of mine is sleeping like a log at his play station surround by his toys...

while this 1 is my sooo ever lovely princessa...kak debab...her age is around 5 years old. she is also known for her snobbish-ness, the type who don't mind other people affairs. As i'm writing this she is wearing her collar of shame (the e-collar for cat)because she got this flee allergic and keep on grooming her fur, which is no good.

as for me...welcome 2010, welcome all the drama. lets make 2010 the most progressive year
ever and let it be the year that we celebrate the most at the end of the year...motto motto ganbatei kudasai...

these days....

These days, the sun kicks in, the good guys win,
I'm illegal in the back seat.
These days I'm safe and sound, not dragged down,
You wanna know the reason?
These days go on, long after you've gone
These days go on, long after you've gone, these days go on and on.

These days, the karma's right, the sun shines bright,
I'm kicking out the bad dreams.
These days, I don't think twice, I walk on light,
I'm positively somewhere.
These days go on, long after you've gone
These days go on, long after you've gone, these days go on and on.

let this year leave the most wonderful shoes print ever... ^_^ muah xoxo~~~~~~~

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