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Monday, February 1, 2010

MooD oooooo MoooooDDDD whErE R u..

MOnday BLuessssssss...BLueeesss mOnday...Questions in mind??? how to be happy ^_^

to lift up the mood let me put up some of my babies pic, enjoy yea... *_^

cloudy day ooooo cloudy day...
please go away...
bring my sunny sunshine here...

HONEY Bee...

I am a honey bee
Shunned off from the colony
And they won’t let me in
So I left the hive
They took away all my stripes
And broke off both my wings
So I’ll find another tree
And make the wind my friend
I’ll just sing with the birds
They’ll tell me secrets off the world

Oh my other honey bee
No longer stuck where he doesn’t wanna be
Oh my darling honey bee
I have saved you
And now that you’re with me
We can make our own honey


yammy08 said...

chokobie gemuks..kak debab chumel!

ZAM AKIRA said...

shomel semua..rase nak tepok-tepok perut diorang..

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