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Friday, February 5, 2010

bOn AppEtitE~~~~itaDaKimASu... ^_^

Today i'm in a mood to cook something nice. The other day i went to MPH and bought this cooking book about Malaysian noddles cooking method. SO today i'm trying to cook 1 of the dishes hehehe....let me put up the pic now...tadaaaaaa~~~~

THis is my ever-so delicious 'MEE HAILAM' (self-proclaim ^_*)

The taste i might say is very nice ^_^ i put a lot of veggie though. so after this, this dishes would be something that i will cook often cause it was so damn easy (yes i don't lie hehehe...)

Okies after looking at my 'rajin' mood to cook. lets look at a mood when i was really lazy to cook or busy with so many things to do. Basically when it come to that the most easier source of food is cracker and milo 'O' with milk. lets look at the pic....tadaaaa~~~~~

This is my EVER-so RaJIN food 'cracker and milo 'O' hehehe...(still delicious ^_*)

When you see the pic above, you could see a can of tuna there. What i do is that i love to eat cracker with that tuna, just spread it on the cracker hehehe yummylicious ^_^ in the pic also you can see that there are lots of paper that i need to mark, all scatter on the table.

So what ever the food is minna itadakimasu... ^_^ i'm not a picky eater. What ever that i think is eatable and my stomach can take it. It's all can do yummy..yummy...xoxo

There is no spectacle on earth more appealing than that of a
beautiful woman in the act of cooking dinner for someone she loves.
-Thomas Wolfe-


tIm said...

woot2..rose masak.bila nak kasik i rase masakan u yg yummylicious tu?can't wait though.lol

HimAwaRi said...

hahhaha..nak ker??? jgn riso nnt i masak kn tp die syarat u kena gosok sesuatu yg berkilat dulu wakakakka...

tIm said...

citttttt..ape la gosok2 ni.alergik i

yammy08 said...

nak tlg gosokkan..ngeeem ape yg berkilat tuh erk???

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