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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

GoodBYE LiL One~~ AdekKecik...

Adek Kecik u really remind me of my beloved Adek baby... u r really tiny exactly like him so when I lost you that night, it was as if I lost my adek baby for the second time... the feeling was really hopeless~~~

Eventhough our time with u was just too little too short, at least you  should know that your present did touch the heart of others. Those who have met you before especially me n your apark will always remember you n miss you lil one. RIP Adek Kecik~~~

So let me be your lighthouse
And I'll help you find the way out of here

I see the tide is coming
Don't let it take you away from me

1 comment:

meowwmania said...


tidur dgn tenang sayang :(

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