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Saturday, October 27, 2012

'The Loaf' of Bread ^_^

Today we are lepak-ing around BB, going around from Lot 10 to Fahrenheit88 to pavillion~~ then pas penat g duk minum2 kat 'The Loaf'@Pavi...den habaq kat liza yg the Loaf nie Tun Mahadir owner die then she said i bodek yauuuuu~~~hahaha oh tp mmg btl tau nie co-owner by Tun Mahadir n if you're lucky u might stumble upon him here ^_^

Ala xdelah makan berat2 sgt pun just order bread n drink jek... we order this cranberries creamcheese yg super maha enak n a bread that look like a stuff sotong only later to realize it was actually a sweet japanese potatos lookalike bread!!!!!duh~~~~ #palmface

Si liza siap order air cekelat yg later on she is loya cos the bread ada cheese cream.... susu + creamchesse = #loyaoverload :p (oh kalo terrer anak sape yg pakai baju mlayu merah kat blkg si liza tuuuuu???? ) huhuhuhu

so spend time makan2 n minum2 sambil look people around, fun free time activity hehehe~~~ surely i will lepaking here again but not in this recent time la~~~daaaa..xoxo

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