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Monday, June 4, 2012

DIY Acrylic Painting~~ Its FUN ^_^

This was my project over the weekend, iaitu bt DIY acrylic painting,  l've been eyeing to buy this thing for sooooo long, only last week br dpt beli, tp den beli yg kecik jelah..nnt bli yg besar plak pas dh train my finger ^_^

So wit the kit that i bought i get a brush, arcylic colors and a picture to paint~~ yg nie kira plg basic ler, rm20 jek pun~~

The first step, hehehe~~pick the largest area to paint first supaya snang to color the rest plak~~

The second step, paint the rest of the smallest2 area la kan.. this part is very tricky tau cos kena pandai lenggok2 kn brush so the smallest area won't get smear~~ tiba2 terasa sgt artistik nie wawawawa~~~ :p

Lastly tadaaaaaaaaaa~~~ nie la hasilnye, cantik tak??? cool kan~~ so first misi tlah siap, next kalo ada duit lebih next month leh bli yg besar skit tuk color~~ daaa~~xoxo...

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