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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hye i'M NyaNya~~MeoWssss~~

Hai everyone~~my name is NyaNya, i'm mommy new daughter ^_^ i'm around 3 months old keke~~i'm also not sure about my age ngeee~~ Let me tell u guys a story on how i'm become my mommy's daughter. 1 night i happened to stumble to this 1 house that has many kittys at the car porch. i saw many bowls to put food in it. Since i'm hungry i ran there to check if there is any food leave to be eaten my the hungry me. Sadly there is none huuuu~~then suddenly someone open the door, and bring a huge tumbler of kitty food. She put all the bowls with kitty food, all the other kitty also ran toward the bowls including me. Since i'm the new comer, the lady obviously noticed me instantly.

Opppss..malu nak tunjuk muka nie~~~mummy i wanna sleep~~~ pinjam bantal n toys abg chokobie~~ngeee~~

She pick me up, but i'm so hesitate bcos i want to eat since i'm really hungry. She let me continue eating and she go inside. later she open back the door and i heard she talk to someone, asking whether that person want to take me as her kitty or not..errmm than suddenly she pick me up and bring me inside. She put me in a huge cage. At first i'm soo scare cos i saw this HUGE BLACK kitty always stare at me as well as a BEAUTIFUL WHITE kitty. The lady took care of me since that, she always told me that i won't stay with her but i will stay with someone call 'Mommy Suzai'. Actually my legs are not in a good condition, i can't really walk properly so bcos of that everynight that lady will massage my legs, it is painful huuu~~~that lady give me a bath cos my furs have many flees, she even give me 'Spot on' (oh that is flees medication) she also dewormed me... ^_^

Mommy please i'm cleaning myself here...some PRIVACY please~~~~~

Day by day i become comfy in that house, that lady keep ask me to call her mommy and she call me NyaNya~~i don't WHY??? ^_^ Now i know that huge black cat name is 'Abg Chokobie' n that white cat is 'Kak Debab'. I always see Abg Chokobie try to chase kak Debab around the house, so i also follow that act cos it looks FUN, i also chase Abg Chokobie around the house as well. But sometime he will get mad at me kekeke~~~~ Later on mommy told me that she will keep me in the house instead of giving me to 'Mommy Suzai' because she said she already love me as her own and already asked permission from 'Mommy Suzai'..heheheh~~~i'm so happy to hear that.. Now i have a mommy, a big sis n bro...i get feed twice a day, i have many toys (that is Abg Chokobie toys actually keke~~) next week mommy will take me to the vet to give me vaccine.. well that is my story... I'm a happy lil'kitty now ^_^ Meowsssssss thanks Mommy~~~

Ok here now..this is me hehe~~mommy new daughter NyaNya..am i sweet or what hehehe~~~


tIm said...

hahahahaha..mcm cerita 'aku sebatang pensil' je rose chantek.
itulah kisah hidup nyanya yg tidak di ketahui kesahihannya.hanya nyanya yg tahu.kekekekekekek

cian nyanya KKU ni.rose,kena letak sticker kat kereta cam OKU la.

HimAwaRi said...

hahaha..tulah mase sek rendh aku x puas tulis karangan 'aku sebatang pencil' tu yg bls dendam kat nyanya nie keke~~sian nyanya. tu lah i nak g mntk kat SPCA stiker 'Kucing kurang upaya' kekeke ada ker????? :P

tIm said...

haha..buat sndri la syg

nora said...

cutenya kucing u...ermm..bile la nak bleh bela kucing nih???haha..

Madam Sooyaree said...

Comey nye Nyanya...

HimAwaRi said...

@tim~~jom ct chntk tlg aku design stiker KKU tuk NyaNya kekeke~~~

@nora~~time kasih, minat koceng ker??? bela koceng nie best kalo tension bleh pluk dieorg tuk release tension hehe~~

@sooyaree~~Comey2 si NyaNya nie..comey lg cik Aiyu yg tembam tu hehehe~~gram tgk pipi die ^_^

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