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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Throwback Birthday..#Part 2

Okay masih rajin untuk menyambung throwback birthday nya ni hahahha... Okay after the pre-celebration part 1 aritu. Masa birthday pak supir aritu kami pi birthday dinner kat Ben's. He loves the place a lottttttttt but for my birthday tak kan nak pi sana lagi. He ask me to choose the place for my birthday dinner plak, Kinda crack my head jugak lah, at first suggest pi Apartment Downtown tapi dia tak mau plak. Last2 kami pi BSC, kat sana kan very cosy cos tak ramai sangat orang compare kalo pi other mall and sana pun memang banyak resturant kan. We decided tuk pi mencekik kat Monte's.

As always lah, he will be accompanied kak Nikon... He was like super excited that day mengalahkan the birthday girl hahahah...and the pink GAP t-shirt was upon request from urs truly...okay ape kaler pink tu hahhaa..The menu memang boleh mata juling kat sini, macam2 kan nak di order. Oh actually ctot yang recommend pi sini cos she said sini makanan dia memang sedap. 

We ordered the starter, that is a mango salad with prawn.. This salad is very refreshing lah cos of the mango kan...didn't expect mango and prawn can tango very well together. The prawns are juicy and you can just taste how fresh they are.

This is the main course for pak supir, he ordered a carpetbag steak... The steak is nicely stuffed with oysters. He is soooooo head over heels with the steak and even bragged how good it is compared to the one we ate at Ben's hahahha.... Me also cukai that a bit and let me tell ya' smokin good man.

Oh this is moi, the ribeye steak... Juicy as I requested it to be. Portion wise, for me just nice not too chunky and memang fulfilling. The steak is moist and you don't need any gravy to go with it cos the juice itself is already flavorsome.   

Since the birthday girl is soooooo petamak, she ordered the a pasta too. Pak supir siap warning kalo aku tak habis kan no more birthday dinner after this!!! boleh tak macam tu.... Tapiiiii of cos lah akan habis, tq to him too cos tolong makan almost half of the pasta hahahha... Oh this is pasta alle Vongole, tapi version yang a bit soupy compare kat Citrus dia lebih dry...nevertheless still superb. The clams are sure very sweet in taste, and it will instantly tell you the freshness of the clams lah kan.

This is the so-called birthday cake hahaha... Since kat sini they don't really have cake, so we decided to go with brownies instead. The brownies is not that bad, the waiters are super awesome too for serenading a birthday song while sending the dessert to our table. Birthday girl of cos ler sengih sampai ke telinga. 

Thank you wakdapy for the wonderful birthday dinner, the food is superb, the ambiance is cosy. The wanita kejelitaan sila muntah 31 tahun is surely grateful and happy as how her tummy was that day. Alhamdulilah~~~~~ Okies tu jek nak citer, sila tunggu Part 3 pulak hahahha....daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~~~xoxo 

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