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Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Baby Boo from now on u will be mommy next best fur-listener... since abam chokobie is soooo busy lately n he is already sombong with mommy so l need a new fur-listener... ur task is very simple first just be there for mommy n listen to all my rambling n watch all my nonsensical behaviour when l'm sad... second when mummy cry please get ready to be hugged  n prepare your fur to be soaked with tear... u know ur mummy is very 'gembeng' right? 
Last but not least don't leave mommy!!! Don't be sombong like abam chokobie... oh speaking of that chubby cheeky fella, mommy needs to visit him soon... budak sombong tu mesti dah rindu gan mommy...

Oh l'm counting days or months or years perhaps for this!!!!!! hoiiii budak gemuk itam tunggu mommy... macam nak mati rindu awak ni tau ^_^

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