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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

New SEMESTER!!!!! go go go go~~~

For my college, this week is gonna be the 1st week for the new semester. Dengarnye this semester ramai students yg daftar so alhamdulilah. Smoga kami dpt bonus tahun nie hehehehe... If u know whats going on in this college kompem korg suh aku cari keje lain jek :p Since my previous faculty dah kena dissolved, sadis tak sadis la kan. So now I'm in a new jabatan with some of my usual colleagues. So many things to do cos this semester, we need to prepare new syllabus for all the new potential subject for this jabatan. My current workload adalah dlm 20.5 hours, 14.5 hours for teaching n another 5 hours syllabus making n jd felo mua'dib huhuhu....

I'm really2 excited to start this semester, hopefully things will run out SMOOTH, smoga apa yg d usahakan akan mendatangkan hasil, smoga xde biacth2 here n there (biase lah office politic kan) Insyallah will do my best...Wish me LUCK yea...okiesss....daaa....xoxo

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