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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Mini Reunion Wit Luv~~

This is posting gonna be my favorite sooo far ^_^ Oh last saturday, I attended a mini reunion with my bff  masa study kat UKM dulu... we are soooooo close masa study degree dulu cos kami nie tido sekatil, makan sepinggan n mcm2 lg lah tp pas convo si nisah nya balik her hometown kat Sabah. Her husband si ejump pun mmg her long time bf masa dari UKM lg so when we got the news that they got married kitorg tak suprise pun hehehe... but since 2006 kami tak pernah  jumpe2 until la last saturday. This time around siap ada si kecik comel nie skali, her name is Fatimah Maryam Maisarah (her name is super long ^_^ )

Plan dah lama dh reunion nie, n we (me n ctot) are super excited espcially dpt jmpe si maisarah nie. Nisah is a teacher so cuti skolah la br die leh jenjalan ke sini. Kami set to meet for lunch date kat KLCC, then we went to Madam Kwan for lunch. Masa makan we borak2 n layan si Maisarah nie. Waaaaa~~~really rindu the moment masa study dulu, alhamdulilah the friendship is still there. During the makan2, si nisah announce that is currently expecting 2nd child, alhamdulilah we r sooo happy for her. Hopefully this time around tp baby boy so dpt ler sepasang.

Lunch date ktorg also ada adik si ejump with her husband n their baby girl. So dpt ler gomol2 si baby Damia nie, sungguh ler comelnye die nie. During lunch si ejump lah jd nanny, play n take care of the 2 kiddos so we can have a borak2 n gossip session. Thank u sooo much ejump ^_^

Pas lunch they headed to Aquaria, kami pun suddenly jek terjoin skali cos actually at 4pm ada second reunion wit ctot ex-schoolmate. tp since we finish lunch around 2 so ada bnyk masa lg lah... oh ramainye la umat manusia kat Aquaria tu, serius sesak n coti skolah kn , tp best lah cos that was also my first time ke sana. Layan si maisarah tgk ikan sambil tmbh info bout marine life. It was fun, n guess what??? I think I would go there again tp I will go on weekdays so org tak ramai...br la blh menghayati.

After Aquaria, we went to Starbucks for a coffee n cake. While we borak2 again  (well bnyk bnd nk catch up lah, nk summaries kn 6 thn punya citer yg tertggl) hehehe. Si maisarah nie bgs lah tau cos pandai bwk diri, masa kami duk bergossip pandai jek die main sensorg n layan diri die sndr...very the good girl. 

Almost 6 years tak jumpa, but the friendship still as tight as ever, thanks sak n ejump for introducing lil maisarah to aunty rose n ctot. She is such a sweet lil darling... the lunch date, the Aquaria n the Starbucks session were such a blast. Can wait for the next reunion session, in 5 years times??? Insyallah, n kalo ada rejeki kami ke sabah plak visit u guys ^_^ daaaa~~~xoxo

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