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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Put smile on my FACE~~

You know, we English literature people when we want to be sarcastic to one another we ask them to READ more so they can THINK more instead of cursing here n there... This is a conversation with my ex post-colonial course mates regarding to what we as a Malaysian face right now due to our post-GE13. I think the reasons that l become very sensitive and critical about all these racism,  independent, freedom fighter, nation and nationhood issues are simply because l read TOO MANY books about it. Doing MA in Post-colonial course expose me to all of the issues together with all the theories that come along in package with it. In case some of u question, WHAT IS POSTCOLONIAL LITERATURE??

Now u know why I am sooooo all out when it comes to all of these issues... U need to read Edward Said (Orentalism) and Frantz Fanon (Black Skin White Mask) books if u want to understand what is racism from the eyes of the subjugated community especially the colonial people vice versa. U need to read  Samuel Huntington (The clash of Civilizations) if u want to understand about people's cultural and religious identities. U MUST read Llyod Fernando (Green is the Colour) to experience the racial and religious tolerance issues that set against the shadow of the 13 Mei 1969 racial riots in Kuala Lumpur.U MUST read (Scorpion Orchid) to get in touched with the races, identities n social issues during the racial tension n nationalistic upbringing in Malaya n Singapura. Trust me u must READ, READ, READ n READ..... only then u will really see with ur TRUE EYES Insyallah!!! Okies...daaaaa~~~xoxo

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