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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

KucHinG is YUmmy~~Errkkk :P

Jelajah Kuching Sarawak~~~ the best thing about Kuching beside all the tourists attraction place is all the yummylious food..serious makanan mereka really suit my tekak ^_^ their food is spicy and cik ctot said compare to Sabahan food Sarawakian used many herbs n spices...therefore their food is very similar with people in semenanjung... Mane cik Ctot tau cos die kan mmg tggl Labuan all her life n stay in Samarahan for a year. These are some of the pic that i managed to snap, not all but just some~~ their food really don't disappoint me throughout my stay there ^_^

This the first food that i ate there, during lunch...sambal asam die sedap gilessssssss buat cecah gan pucuk ubi~~

This is nasi ayam ler...tp serious portion die sgt banyak n harga pun murah giles, i just dalam rm5-6 only siap ada sayur n tahu lembut...kat KL mimpi jela nak dpt mcm nie~~

Yang nie dinner kat tepi riverside kat sungai kuching, kebetulan that day ada event hari Malaysia, so makan sambil tgk kapal berhias n bunga api...serious cantik sgt..makn nasi goreng lala n tom yam..nasi die sedap tp tom yam just so-so..mayb cos dh terbiasa mkn kat pakcik hamidi, palate takleh adjust~~ :P

last skali nie pic makan kat topstop, the best seafood makan place in bandar Kuching..dah la sedap, murah lak tu..ktorg order udang masak sweet sour (besar giles udang die), kangkung grg belacan n kupang bakar sambal...n sume2 tu just Rm32 something jek..murah kn..murah kn??? ^_^ oh nak order sayur midin tp dh habis~~ T_T

So that is our jelajah makan in Kuching, nnt will put interesting pic about places that we went n visit lak...so many things nak d story kn tp just malas n xde masa jek hehehe~~ daaa~~xoxo ^_^

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