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Monday, November 21, 2011

ItadaKimasu~~ JaPanese cuiSinE ^_^

Suka makan makanan Jepang tak???? So today entry is about Japanese food, dolu2 masa study kemaruk giles makan sushi bli kat Carrefour hehehe~~cos murah n masa tu sedap giles... tp lama2 jd prfffff, it maybe either my palate is getting snobbish or the sushi is getting really yuksss... so i went for hiatus for a while from sushi n japanese food... only lately i get back to business of eating japanese food... So this is some of the pic of the food that i ate at Nippon Tei resturant.... the ambiance of the place is very cosy and the price is very affordable~~ lets check out the pic ^_^

This is potato salad, tau ler nie mknan jepang tp aku mmg ske potato2 nie hehe...serious sedap ^_^

This is baked salmon top with cheese...very cheesy, actually cik ctot order nie cos die ingat scallop baked with cheese..hehehe cos die letak kat atas kulit scallop...tp xpe la cos sedap.. ^_^

Tak ingat name die ape tp rasanye salmon maki sushi, actually nie on the house a.k.a free cos kitaorg order len tp dtg len so consider dieorg nye mistake lah.... tp sodappppp~~

Actually ada banyak lg kitaorg order, main dish tak sempat amik pic cos sgttttt lapar....next time leh g makan lg kat sini.. makanan sedap n affordable... daaa xoxo~~~ ^_^

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