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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Misi MeNolong Mama Miaw~~

Mama miaw d bawak masuk bilik rawatan, mula2 agak cemas gak die nie~~~

Semalam ada seorg animal lover name Najihah (this is her blog) post in her blog about this 1 mama miaw that is suspected pregnant but the baby might be dead due to because she has being pregnant for quite sometime tp x deliver2 pun... because of that she worried about maybe that mama miaw is suffering and her life might be in dangered..so she link her post in the page Kucing terbiar & Anjing Jalanan di FB (this is the page) post tu tlah mendapat banyak support from animal lover yg nak tolong mama miaw tu. Admins2 di KTAJ sgt2 la membantu (thanks kat dieorg ^_^) Najihah have problems to sent the mama miaw because of transportation problem..

ha..nampak tak benda bulat besar tu, tulah karung perut yg d bawak kehulu ke hilir, seb baik x sampai terseret kat jalan...hish kalo x, tak dpt d bygkn...>_<

So this 1 lady yg baik hati cik Lola volunteer tuk amik the mama miaw kat Pandan Indah tuk d bawak ker vet. since KTAJ admin Nerq suggested to bring the mama miaw to see Dr.Nurul from Honey Vet, Lola need to come here to bangi, but she did not know the location of that clinic. Since i'm near to Bangi, i offer my help to show her the direction, lg pun aku slalu bwk anak2 ke clinic tu. i met her at the Bangi tol and then she followed my car to the clinic.

mama miaw nie tgh d check oleh Dr.nurul...relax jek die mase kena check..good girl sungguh~~

Dr.Nurul greated us n actually she already aware about this matter cos Nerq already informed her in advance. Mama miaw nie sangat la manja n peramah, to my suprise ^_^ During the check up that mama miaw very cooperative. Me n Lola pun terkejut cos she is soo baik. Dr.nurul said she needs to do an X-Ray first in order to diagnose what actually happened to mama miaw. She said the mama miaw might be pregnant and she may got hernia problem. So for now mama miaw is being warded at the clinic, the lovely Dr.Nurul said she will let mama miaw being warded there for FREE together with the food, and we only need to pay for the medical expenses only.

Siap terlentang2 Mama miaw nie, die beri kerjasama nie..jgn memain...i ingat mst die tau org nak tlg die nie~~ ^_^

Thank u to Dr.Nurul ^_^ So kawan2 meh la kita berdoa Mama miaw nie selamat n thank you to all animal lover yg sgt prihatin gan Mama miaw nie especially Najihah, Lola, Nerq, all admins kat KTAJ. Dan dengar kata nye, duit derma tuk medical expenses mama miaw pun mendapat galakan yg sgt membransangkan..Alhamdulilah, smoga Allah dpt balas niat baik dan sumbangan sumer org... ^_^


thefluffies said...

Thanks for a great photos of Mama Meow. She has a name now.

FLUBBY = we want her to fat and chubby after the treatment.

Bravo to all rescuers. Love u guys.

HimAwaRi said...

hahaha..Flubby is a good name kekeke~~sounds cute... can't wait to see Flubby get well and healthy ~~ ^_^

bella-wella said...

muke flubby tgh syiok kena usap kt perot

tIm said...

awwww rose..u n the others are being so kind.may Allah bless all the animal lovers though i might not a cat lover but hey,i'm human :)
saya hanya ada bad experience with cats.lol.

HimAwaRi said...

@Bella-wella~~ hehehe...mmg Flubby syok kena usap2..lg pun die mmg cat yg ramah cewah kekeke~~

@ct chntk~~ xpe ct walaupun ko bukan animal lover tp xde ler ko tibai kucing gn payung kan kekeke~~~ n ko slalu jek tmn aku antar chokobie, Nyanya n Debab g klinik..hehhe dpt pahala tu ngeee ^_^

tIm said...

yeke?hehehhe..double like

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