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Sunday, October 17, 2010

I'm HaPPy Ya All..Don'T worrY...

FinallY...BLoGy nie x Buat Hal....ada lah this past 2 to 4 days i can't blogging...thank god skrg br bleh... so many things happened this past days... tapi mostly cam lucu2 gitu... bab g meroyan gan cik ctot, coz sudden problem jiwa raga...lawak betul, sabar cik ctot. nanti leh pakat gan datuk K carik Adun yek..hahhha...oh tetiba rase nak cakap pasal benda nie...okies orang slalu hengat a single lady kalo blum ada bf or husband mesti idup die lonely cam die sorg jek idup dalam donia nie or mmg idup die miserable betul la kan... let me tell you guys something...

Honestly, sebagai single lady cam aku nie...tipu la aku cakap kalo aku x trase kdg2 lonely gak kan..tp not all da time la. usually bile mmg aku sibuk tahap dewa with asignmnt or work kadang2 terdetik gah la benda2 lonely nie. tapi time2 macam tu jelah, tapi selebih nya aku rase aku okies jek gan my life yg single mingle nie. until now (during menulis nie pun) aku rase aku mengunakan masa single aku gan sepenuhnye. i use my single-ness to the max, n i'm luvin it n i'm happy so ya all... don't worry.

During my single-ness nie aku dapat meet lots of new people. i can go to many new places for holidays (labuan, brunei, u name it). i can spend more time with my family especially my nieces n nephew. i can take a good care of my babies (chokobie n debab). i learn to cook n bake (i even sell cookies n cake). i can work hard n do overtime (with that money i buy all my house appliances, nice clothes n shoes n make up, buy baby V *car, give my mum pocketmoney, improve my saving). i can still have a good time with all my biases (still in luv wit mblaq, khuntoria, kpop, n all the silly things in life). I can further my study as post-grad student(MA all the way). And most importantly i still can have a good time with my BESTFRIEND.

See!!! my life still work out well, still function like a normal human being. i'm not gonna moaning to people just because i'm still single...i'm still have fun what??? it's good to see other friends of mine get married n happy with their partner. mind you i'm not an anti-married people or object the idea of marry. i luv to get marry SOMEDAY, but until that time arrive let me enjoy myself with stress free and lets ALLAH does the rest it. oh to all the makcik2 u can i ask when will i get married. my answer will always be 'insyallah tahun depan makcik' hahha...i luv that answer. dah umo2 macam nie malas nak emo gan soklan tu...i'm not gonna VOODOO that makcik just because she ask me bile i nak kawen. 4 me soklan bile nak kawen tu same jek gan soklan 'dah makan ker belum' hahaha..tu jek. as 4 that makcik instead of tanya dah makan ker blum tp die nak tanya bile nak kawen..tu jekk...tarak hal la..no biggies... ^_^ so as a conclusion i'm happy ya all...don't worry... ngeeee~~~~~daaaa xoxo~~~


tIm said...

hehehe..yes2 indeed everything that u wrote is true.enjoy ur life as a single because once u r married u have many things to put into consideration and it's such a big responsibility.
to ctot n u :don't bother of what other ppl say,it's not them who will give u happiness in the future.u have ur right to ur own happiness.being single is not the end of the world..daaaaaa!!!

jgn korang g Voodoo org2 yg tanya soklan tu dah lerr...mcm aku kenal je sape.oopsieeeee

(eh asal aku ckp cam aku pon single?hehehe..poyo sebentar)

HimAwaRi said...

ct chantek yg teremosi hahha..btl2 hengat kawen nie mcm men pondok2 ker??? n kalo aku nie single pun bukan aku xde life..kalo asyk nak pikir pasal cr bf or husband jek baik la i pikir camne nak memeriah kan single life aku nie..lg best hehhee... alah benda2 nie keje Allah..kite just usaha yg terbaek sudey... ^_^

tIm said...

ntah..the time will come eventually so we just have to pray for the best la kan..
takpe,being single best leh berfoya2..hahahahhah

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