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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

2 way Street thingy~~ GET IT??

I had a conversation with Cammy the other day about friendship (very the gegurl punya conversation kn???) She is soooooooo upset about the fact that how her so-called-besties like never have the initiative to like get in touch with her or even to call her. All this while it was just her to arrange this n that, call them to say hallo n bla bla bla...U know sometimes u can only do sooooooo much but when the reality strike n slap u in the face then u will realize it was only you n you n you n you all this while who CARE. Some people just don't get it that FRIENDSHIP is a 2 WAY STREET... Take for instance, that friend of mine Cammy, she is married woman wit a child, her husband is in JB cos they own a business there (they have this PJJ punya relationship),  a career woman but she does n try to spare some of her time for thing that called FRIENDSHIP... I really salute her for that, cos I also have several friends who are married n have children n suddenly poof the friendship disappear in the thin air... How sad is that???

Time kasih pada rakan2 yang dah berkahwin tp still ada masa tuk borak2 n tanya kabar dgn kami yg single mingle nie. Kami yg single mingle ni faham kalau rakan2 yg dh kawen n beranak pinak tu tak kn lah kami nk heret korg dr 1 kedai ke 1 kedai yg lain shopping for clothes or heels or makeup (if u don't mind, we love to), we understand your circumstances. We can always meet up mne2 lah n talk over coffee and kenal2 with ur kids. Friendship is a 2 way street, if you don't care then why should we? I really admire those who married but still know how to maintain a friendship.
You know over the year, I really have fun meeting up with some of my friends punya anak2. Girls thanks for introducing your kids to me, really appreciate it ^_^ Okies~~~daaaa....xoxo

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