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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Ingat pesan MAK!!!!

Arwah mak is a very kind lady (bless her), arwah slalu pesan biar orang buat kita jangan kita buat orang. At 
that time during my teen years l always said that, tak kan nak biar orang pijak kepala kita and I always 
ignore that advise. But at this kind of age I can proudly say that 'MY MAK IS RIGHT' ^_^ Let ALLAH 
deal with it, masing2 ada bahagian masing2...

kalau aku yang dulu, 'don't get mad get even' tapi since dah tua matang nie 'its okay you can get mad, I'll just watch'... malas nak give people another reason to rant out like nobody bisness... Biaselah the more we talk the more reasons n excuses people have to used it against us (nie untuk kes2 terpencil lah)..TAPI IF U DAH BUAT SALAH, SILENT IS GOLDEN IS SOOOO OVERATED...THE LEAST YOU CAN DO IS TO EXPLAIN URSELF AND ANSWER WHEN PEOPLE ASK YOU TO CLEAR THE AIR... okiess~~daaaa xoxo

P/s = Thanks MAK, ur guidance create what I'm today, kalo dulu suka marah2 tapi skrg dah cool skit... some people who don't understand me might labeling me with what they wish to label but its ok... nawaitu nak jd baik bukan jek nak dapat syurga semata2 tapi supaya dapat jumpa mak kat SANA... Mak I miss you sooo much~~ Al-fatihah..

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