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Monday, September 3, 2012

Adek Baby@Naybie Now & Then ^_^

THis adek baby @Naybie, kitten yang d jumpai after i on my way back home dr keje..actually the place that i jumpe him is not he usual route that i should everyday..that day i don't know why i used the long way to go back home...mayb he is my rejeki kot, dah ketentuan ALLAH ^_^ He suffered from a very bad eyes infection, flu n malnutrition... With all the TLC alhamdulilah now he is in a very good shape compare when i met him dulu2 ^_^ but one thing about him badan die tak besar2 cos according to doctor it is mayb bcos he was separated from the mother too soon so tumbesaran badan die terencat...apa2 pun as long as he is healthy pun already enough ^_^ Smoga Naybie sihat n slalu d samping mummy yea sayang...Insyallah~~~

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