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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Spice Women Reunion la Plak~~ ^_^

Kelibat 2 spicy women kesayangan hamba ngeeeee ^_^

Yesterday me n my bestie girls spend our ladies day out 2gether... yelah dh terlanjur kat JB nie wajib ler jumpe kn...borak2, gelak2 etc..

First g beraya ke umah si lindo nie dulu, siap bt spagethi lg ko pompuan nie hehehe~~sedap gak la ^_^ then kami grak merayap2..first g city square but since CS gah renovate n bnyk section yg close kitaorg grak ke KSL n lepak2 minum2 kat situ~~

Since Liza has certain issues wit her life so me n lindo spend time to console her, well that is what friends for right?? budak berdua nie aku kenal  since aku hingusan lg..si liza nie since 3years old n si linda nie plak since i'm 11 yers old..lama kan?? And i love these 2 like mad ^_^ 

Walaupun jumpe sekali or twice a year suprisingly we still can talk for hours non-stop, well that is the power of friendship "We don't need to see each other everyday but deep down inside we know we are there for each other"~~daaaa~~xoxo

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