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Monday, May 21, 2012

Walk-a-Payung 2012~~Jom Kita berpayung Ramai2~~ ^_^

Oh today i went to Tropicana Medical Centre tuk join n give support for Lupus/Sle patients Walk-a-Payung day~~ ^_^ actually adik cik ctot is a sle patient so this event is also actually for her too~~ 

Acara mula awal lebih kurang jam 7 lebih, we smpi n go to register and pay rm50..then they will give u a walk-a-payung t-shirt n a payung lah ^_^ n then u get a roti as ur brekkie~~ pakcik n makcik start make friends wit other sle patients nye parents~~

activiti start wit warm up lah, kalo tak kang kejang kaki2 sumer nak berjalan nnt~~ :)

Pas work up kami2 pun warm up tuk berposing2 jugak~~mmg dasar kn hehehe ^_^

ha then mula kami berjalan, ala actually u just walk wit ur own pace, no rushing pun... just jalan menuju sunway giza then patah balik ke tmpt permulaan td~~

La nie dh nak pancit dah, jauh jugak wooo~~almost 3.5kg we all jalan tau, seb baik pagi kn so matahari tak le bahang sgt tp we still sweat ler gak~~

Since xde sape yg nk snap pic kami ber tiga, kami nie la hasil so-called creative kami hehehehe~~ creative ler sgt kn :p

Pas smpi kat tropicana tu smuler, bnyk booth2 dh set up dh, mcm2 nie ada jual, yolah pas penat berjalan mencekik ler plak kami2 kan~~ ^_^

Oh not forgetting ada gak persembahan dr students from sunway uni college, joget2 feeling SNSD ko nyah hehhee~~even sgt la tak synchronizes tp l applaud their efforts ^_^

 Then ada quiz n cabutan bertuah nie, tp today not so lucky lah hehehe~~ this aunty dlm pic nie is soooo funny tau..very the sporting~~siap shake her bon bon to spell the words sle~~hehe :)

the event only until noon jek, this is a very interesting event, n i'm glad that i went i give mys support for this, Insyallah ada rejeki lg, next year leh join lg~~~ daaa~~xoxo ^_^

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